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Vegetable and fruit production management using a scanner system

Publicerad 2020-11-17

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The world is facing a major change when it comes to food production, some of the reasons are the environmental, economic, and social impact it has on the climate and the increased population of the world. This has led to the search for an alternative solution to food production and logistics of it.
The solution we believe in Veponic is to create several sources of food production and create a circular economy in environmental engineering when comes to food production at the local level.
That is why we have developed a full automation vertical farm system that can operate in all climates. With this system, we can replace up to 99 % of the food we import today. By doing this we can work according to
our vision and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, where we focus on 13 of 17 goals.

Beskrivning av examensarbetet
We are searching for one to two people who are interested in doing their master thesis in an industry, that is open for development and opportunities. This assignment has a connection to a larger system.

This is assignment is about looking at vegetables and fruit and vertical farm using a scanner system to recognize products that are ready for harvest.
The goal is to develop the concepts and run a test study.

Matteo Masoudi


Veponic AB

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